Client Results

I could have used your ‘advice’ through your stories years ago when I started my business! It would have saved me years of frustration!

There are people who provide insight, assistance, and support in such a way that they change how you work. Julia is one of those people. She has routinely provided guidance or aid in ways that have changed how I do things. I’m grateful that she remains available as a resource. Julia meets challenges with a willing nature, a quick smile, and an even quicker intelligence. She is always available, forthcoming, and informed. We will continue to bring her in on new projects

Very well spoken and funny! I can actually relate to your experiences and can’t wait to try some of your productivity methods. Keep rockin’ that smile!

Your sense of humor, experience, and your perspective make you a relatable authority.  Your stage presence is strong and engaging.  I’ll always remember your explanation of ‘comfort zone’ and why it’s so challenging to move outside of it.

Your humor, energy, and honesty about your experiences and how you worked your way through using your process make you very credible. I can’t wait to try these processes in my own life.

Very talented and engaging speaker. Your opening had me at the edge of my seat for the entire 60-minute talk.

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Julia as a business coach. Every time we meet to discuss goals and actions, the meeting has a specific objective, which keeps us on track and very productive. It is by far the best hands-on-training I’ve ever had for establishing and achieving meaningful goals. I walk out of our discussions understanding what I need to do next. Knowing what I want (goals) make the whole ‘career development’ discussion with my boss so much easier and natural.

Julia is awesome to work with! She is logical and has an objective for every single one of our consulting engagements. Her work involving data privacy and security is top notch and at times seems never ending with all the new regulations popping up

Your stories and the way you tell them are so relatable to the topic. You bring so much energy to this workshop! I want to be like you!

I loved the interactive exercises and learned so much in such a short time.

I love your energy and how grounded you are, all at the same time. It was amazing to be part of this workshop. 

Julia was a great business resource to guide us through the project we asked her to consult on. She is incredibly professional and accountable. It was great to work with her again after so many years

I very much enjoy working with Julia and value the strong partnership we have built.    Julia is a strong leadership consultant, with an excellent understanding of business. She is very open minded to partner and problem solve with.  She's a fact finder and is direct and professional in explaining what can/cannot be worked on based on our budget and timeline.  What will work and what will not work.   But most important - she wants good a partnership

Excellent example story of letting go of the past to embrace the future. I have learned so much about myself in a very short period of time. Awesome workshop!

It felt like you were speaking directly to me the entire hour of your presentation. You have an amazing stage presence. So much energy. And you are a natural at ‘going with the flow’.

When our team was struggling due to decreased productivity after a recent layoff, we brought Julia in to consult on our existing business processes. I must say that I have never seen anyone identify process inefficiencies with recommended solutions as quickly as Julia did. With the new processes we have implemented our productivity increased significantly

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