At Next Step Action we believe that everyone should have the opportunity, training,

and tools to find success in every area of their lives, both personal and professional.

We provide the tools and training. What you do with it is up to you.

We teach and mentor coaches & consultants

 on setting up scalable and profitable online businesses

so they can help their clients have the lives they desire.

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Julia Cain

Julia lives to solve complex business issues.

Julia instructs and mentors on simple yet powerful systems and processes that help entrepreneurs create and grow their online coaching/consulting businesses.  Her expertise in breaking down complex business problems and processes into bite-size, simple, and easy to follow steps has allowed even the most non-technical entrepreneurs become successful online.

​Prior to founding Cain Consulting Services LLC, Julia worked with several global companies building online systems and process efficiencies to boost productivity and increase profits.

Julia spent 25+ of her corporate years working and living her passion - intersecting businesses with technology and she continues to live her passion by intersecting online entrepreneurs with technology that supports their business goals.

Julia is direct and to the point. No sugar coating from her…ever. If that’s what you are looking for, you won’t find it here.

  • She's skilled at illustrating teaching points with relevant and engaging stories and examples.
  • She will guide you to find your next step, show you how, then will inspire you to take action.
  • She's committed to mentoring coaches and consultants worldwide succeed in setting up their online business.

Julia's unique, solution-oriented approach to business issues and problems has helped teams, and leaders

move away from excuses, blaming, and complaining

and stay focused on taking continuous action toward an effective outcome.

Reducing complex processes down to their essence - then streamlining them

  • identifying inefficient processes, and
  • recognizing and resolving productivity issues,
  • using technology to her advantage
  • Taking action on the right thing at the right time,

have been the cornerstone to Julia’s success in the business and consulting world.


In setting up your online business, the bulk of the effort should not be in the technology

If it takes too long, it doesn't belong!

Your technology should allow you to focus on the things that are important

  • Knowing your market at a deep level
    • Understanding how your product or service solves their biggest problem
  • Transforming your services into a product that solves that problem
    • Packaging, pricing and delivering your product
  • Operating your business at a profit
    • Taxes, expenses, and business structure
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