Step-by-Step 'How-to' videos:

Step 1: Create Your Zoom Pro Account  (5-minutes)

Step 2: Setup Your Zoom Pro Account Details ( 9-minutes)

Step 3: Create and Schedule Your First Zoom Meeting (7-minutes)

Step 4: Create Vimeo Account & Upload first video (6-minutes)

Step 5: Create & Setup SamCart (10-minutes)

Step 6: Create Your First SamCart Sales Page (35-minutes)

Step 7: Create Your First SamCart Course (Coming Soon!)

Bonus: Setup Free Google Forms Surveys (16-minutes)

Bonus: Delivering Your Live Zoom Training With Confidence (Coming Soon!)

2021 How to Use the Simple Technology Framework pdf



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Simplified Technology Framework download pdf

Simplified Technology Framework for Selling and Delivering Products or Services Online

There are 4 frameworks that you’ll need to be able to build your business, create, market, and sell your services online:


Simplified Technology Framework (to supports online sales & fulfillment)

Simplified Marketing & Sales Framework (communicating your product to your market)

Simplified Product Development Framework (develop your product)

Simplified Business Operations Framework (managing your business: income, expense, tax, and profit)


In this session we’ll focus on the Simplified Technology Framework

The minimum technical stack of products you need to start

    • Email address
    • Bank account
      • SamCart
      • Stripe & Paypal
    • Zoom Pro account
    • Vimeo account to upload video
    • Video Camera (the one that comes with your computer is fine)
    • Microphone (the one that comes with your computer is fine)

The Sales Process

Seller perspective (you)

Product > Sell it to buyer (get money) > Fulfill order (give access or deliver product to buyer)

Customer perspective (buyer)

Product > Buy it (give money) > get access to purchase


Selling the Product

(Simplified Marketing & Sales Framework)

Contact potential buyer about your product (communication)

Tools you need: email, and/or social media accounts, and/or other means of communicating your product


(Simplified Technology Framework)

Seller provides the buyer a link to purchase the product

Tools you need: Shopping cart (Samcart)

To create a Samcart account you need:

Payment processor

Stripe account (credit card payment processor) & PayPal account

(you’ll have an opportunity to set these up while you are setting up Samcart)

(you don’t need a website or domain url to do this, you can use your samcart url that you create when you create your store. Example:


To open Stripe & PayPal accounts you’ll need:

A bank account

Email account

Samcart store URL (stripe you need a url(domain) - Example url:



Set up your product in Samcart


 Delivering Access to the Product

                Live Event Product

                        Provide registration link to participants to register and join live Zoom event

Tools you need:

Create Zoom Pro account


Zoom account setup

Zoom Live Event setup

Deliver the Zoom registration link to customers

(You can set this up to be delivered automatically during your Samcart product creation process)


            Recorded Product

                        Provide recording access link to the buyer

Tools you need:

Cloud repository for your recordings so you can link to access

Vimeo, YouTube, etc.